About the initiative

Overall goal

The overall goal of StartupDelta is to establish a thriving and competitive ecosystem in the Netherlands, listing a top 3 position in Europe on the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. Coming from nowhere, the Netherlands is now listing a 4th place in the EU and 19th globally (January 2016). So, we’re on speed and aiming high! 

The StartupDelta initiative consists of a dedicated team with excellent connections in enterprise, government, research and all aspects of the startup community. They are assigned to tackle challenges that hinder growth for startups. StartupDelta, led by Special Envoy Neelie Kroes, closely collaborates with the 10+ tech hubs to make the Netherlands the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.


Contact StartupDelta

If you have a request for Special Envoy Neelie Kroes, please fill out this form.

If you have a question on a specific topic, or you are looking for a connection in the startup ecosystem, please contact one of our team members. You can find their contact details as well as their focus area’s on our team page.

If you are looking for our press officer Rick Janse Kok, please send an email to rick@startupdelta.org



StartupDelta is a lean and mean initiative formed with a multidisciplinary team from government officials from all layers of the Dutch government. Within one and a half years’ time StartupDelta intends to have successfully achieved its goal of positioning The Netherlands as one of the top three most attractive startups ecosystems in Europe. With help from partners in the government, corporates, educational systems, financial world and many others, StartupDelta strategies are about linking up, changing the system, and creating impact:

Linking up the ten innovative Dutch hubs into One Single Hub. Together they form Europe’s largest and best connected startup ecosystem. All our hubs have one single point of contact; we make their qualities transparent; we share our networks; we exchange ideas and opportunities with the ultimate goal to give startups the best support and environment to grow. Furthermore, we link up the Dutch ecosystem to the best hubs in the world.

Changing the system to one that is designed for startups, so they have the best environment to establish their business models and flourish. Focused actions are aimed at Capital, Talent and Networks. To accomplish this, we work together with government, politics, corporates, academia and many others.

Creating impact. Our approach is based on a limited timeframe to create maximum commitment on all levels of involvement and “push”. We aim for concrete results which will make the difference, involving others to play a central role in our activities and hand over our work at 1/7/2016. Startup Delta works together with partners to create a dynamic system which – within one and a half year – should sustain itself.


StartupDelta is proud member of Startup Nations.

Startup Nations  is an organic and nimble network that promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration. Members are startup-savvy policymakers seeking better evidence and tools for smarter policymaking and programming to support and strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Vision and Ambition

Value creation comes first in Europe’s largest ecosystem.

Innovative startups play a key role in value creation in our society and economy. They can establish new business models, disrupt vested interests and systems thoroughly or add more incremental improvements to our lives. Startups are a force to be reckoned with. The overarching philosophy of StartupDelta therefor is about value creation in the widest sense of the word. This ranges from economic value creation, to societal and cultural value creation or combinations of these aspects. Simply because it is this unique mixture which make a product, device or service so attractive and ready to conquer the market.

We, from StartupDelta, think that the Netherlands offers a variety of excellent technologies and disciplines, creativity, openness to change, innovative talent and instinct for business to make startups accelerate. And in an area which is comparable to the size of Silicon Valley. Welcome to Europe’s West Coast! We aim to be Europe’s best connected and largest startup ecosystem.



  • Establish a strong business angel network; creating a business angel academy and a supportive fiscal climate
  • Develop the contours for an innovative founders fund, together with corporates, investors and the government.
  • Provide a clear overview of venture capitalists and available subsidies via the web portal (June 2015)
  • Create an online toolkit for startups, including the Startup Visa via the web portal (June 2015)


  • Make coding part of the curriculum of all primary schools by 2032
  • Develop a ‘Code pact’ in which corporates contribute to coding in the curriculum of primary schools
  • Launch ‘entrepreneurship’ as part of professional and academic education
  • Contribute to a culture in which failure is an asset


  • Launch the webportal startupdelta.org displaying a connected and transparent startup ecosystem (June 2015)
  • Set up a corporate launchpad in which corporates facilitate the growth of startups
  • Organize a StartupFest during the Dutch EU-Presidency in 2016
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for startups in the Netherlands and abroad for advise on access to instruments and services
  • Close StartupDeals (responsive government): providing expertise and network to make startup ideas with impact possible and remove regulations and barriers
  • Embark on International missions to strengthen the StartupDelta Mentoring Network in which Dutch founders in foreign tech hubs become mentors of Dutch startups expanding to those tech hubs
  • Establish an International Circle of Influencers (ICI)
  • Create a Schengen Area for Startups, in which startup entrepreneurs can travel and trade freely
  • Accelerate the use of intellectual property and patents and make the Dutch excellent knowledge positions transparent