About the initiative

‘Accelerating the startup ecosystem of the Netherlands’

StartupDelta exists to strengthen, connect and grow the thriving and competitive startup eco-system of the Netherlands, making it the best place to start and grow innovative companies.

It is an initiative of the main innovation centres in The Netherlands, the ministries of Economic Affairs and Education Culture and Science and the startup community. 

A small core team led by Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje works with a network of professionals of StartupDelta’s founding partners to boost the entrepreneurial climate by removing barriers and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

StartupDelta is proud member of Startup Nations.

Startup Nations  is an organic and nimble network that promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration. Members are startup-savvy policymakers seeking better evidence and tools for smarter policymaking and programming to support and strengthen entrepreneurship ecosystems.