I am a founder

We are the world’s most connected economy, so logically we have always been a natural test-bed of inventions. You could even say we are the gateway to the rest of the world: when it works in the Netherlands, it works anywhere on the planet. Leading multinationals are based in the Netherlands, providing an easy way to validate ideas across Europe.

Suppose you actually decide to start your business here… what are the next steps? How should you go about setting up your business properly? What taxes will you have to pay and what’s actually involved in running a business in the Netherlands? If you have any questions like these, our National Point of Entry is there to help you out. For those of you who have already decided, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to start your business in the Netherlands. So please enjoy the Orange Carpet for a smooth take-off.


Why the Netherlands

For you as a founder, the Dutch startup ecosystem has a lot to offer you. From top-notch investors, smart technologies and highly educated workers.

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