30 cutting edge Dutch Startups selected for the first Holland Startup Pavilion at CES 2017

StartupDelta is pleased to announce the 30 startups that have been selected to participate in the first Holland Startup Pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is the largest technology trade show in the world, showcasing more than 3,800 companies and startups. The participating startups will be sharing a Netherlands Startup & Innovation Pavilion in Eureka Hall, the flagship startup destination at CES.

Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp and Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje will lead an economic mission to CES. The Holland Startup Pavilion in Eureka Park will be an innovation in itself. Usually only established businesses and corporations from the Netherlands take part in CES.

Special Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje is delighted with the enthusiastic response. “There was an abundance of sign-ups from very high quality startups from all the major tech regions in the Netherlands. The huge interest exceeded our expectations. The selected startups are a showcase of the many areas of innovation and technology in which The Netherlands excels.”

Minister for Economic Affairs Henk Kamp: “The Netherlands is one of Europe's innovation leaders and is one of the world's most competitive economies. Our entrepreneurs have a lot to offer in terms of technology. It is therefore important that we are bringing this delegation of enthusiastic and promising startups to the world's biggest technology conference. We will help the Dutch startups present themselves and build networks. Together we will bring home the most cutting-edge technology and information.”

Please find a description of each selected startup on their website:



Axign                                     Ipsum Energy                       SciSports
Beam Labs KienSenseAnywhere
Birds.aiLeadboxerTom Kabinet
Clearflight SolutionsOPNTTradecast.tv




To view the complete list in one document, with individual descriptions please follow this link !!




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Willem Drost


Project Director Holland Startup Pavilion @CES


































































































































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