Public-private partnership

StartupDelta is set up as a public-private partnership. The main innovation hubs in the Netherlands, the ministries of Economic Affairs, Education Culture and Science, Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the startup community, and other partners, all contribute to the StartupDelta initiative.

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We embrace all initiatives to contribute to our ecosystem. If you want to become a partner and contribute to the StartupDelta initiative.

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Hub Partners

All ecosystems in the Netherlands together form One Single Hub helping all sorts of startups grow. Each partner contributing with its own specialty or local stronghold.

Governmental Partners

The Dutch Government is an important partner to StartupDelta, and vice versa. All partners aim to bridge the gap between between governance and startups, in part by changing the political mindset (and subsequent policies) to allow for entrepreneurs and startups to thrive.


Corporate partnerships are instrumental StartupDelta’s executional power, both financially and in kind. For example: without our corporate partners, key events like StartupFest and Startup24 simply would not exist.