Our vision

We believe in the added value of strengthening, connecting and growing the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands. We see the Netherlands as the best possible place for starting, growing and internationalizing business, and as a gateway to the rest of Europe.

Our mission

With our unique connection to all layers of government, corporations and the main innovation hubs, we aim to merge the Dutch startup ecosystem into one single connected hub. We break down barriers and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

Plan of action

The core team, innovation hubs, and partners each take the lead on specific actions. This way, change happens right where it is needed; for the ecosystem, with the ecosystem. Additionally, we actively support initiatives of other stakeholders to be more effective in expanding and strengthening the ecosystem.

For StartupDelta 3.0, we have four focus areas. The first is helping startups to scale, for example by organising missions abroad. The second is to make the Netherlands One Single Connected Hub and strengthen the Dutch tech networks nationally and internationally. The third is focussed on breakthrough technologies and the spin-off startups that have their roots in universities. The last one is data, making the ecosystem visible through data.

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Innovation hubs & partners

StartupDelta is an independent public-private partnership. Together with the main innovation hubs in the Netherlands, the team works with the ministries of Economic Affairs and Education Culture and Science, the startup community, and other partners.

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