CES 2019: 1st Startups Announced for StartupDelta’s Delegation

This afternoon, at CES  Unveiled in Amsterdam StartupDelta announced the first 39 startups for the Holland Startup pavilion at CES 2019! Curious who they are?


20Face launches glimpse facial recognition technology. A technology designed and developed for unconditional facial recognition.

Developing the electric car that charges itself.
Absolute Audio Labs
World’s first Open Smart Audio O/S. A unique & open platform for personalized audio, speech enhancement in noise, voice/AI and IoT

At Etergo, we are reinventing personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter. Our first product is AppScooter®, also known as ‘the Dutch Tesla on two wheels’

Newspapers and data leaks are a constant reminder that current security is failing. BitSensor integrates with your application on the application layer to ensure protection of all data. Expected application response is used to define early intruder signals.

Olisto builds a platform that makes smart devices and digital services work together, using our app or yours.

Our product, BrainMatter, is a unique AI application platform that facilitates machine aided data preparation, deep learning model training and deployment.

”I wish I had a video of that!” Don`t worry… with the Roader Time Machine Camera you record and share exciting moments that just happened.


Breath in Balanz

With Breath In Balanz we put “good breathing” on the map to improve the lives of millions of people and we are decreasing Healtcare costs!


Scalys is an innovative company realizing high-grade secure communication products and solutions for the connected world.


Chrono Eyewear
Its proven by 250 Olympic athletes; Propeaq light glasses are state of the art in wearable light therapy to boost your performance!


Seal Network
Seal is an award-winning blockchain company which provides a global anti-counterfeiting solution and product services platform.



Circa is a smart alarm clock that helps people to improve their sleep. It is designed to be stand-alone so you can leave your phone outside of the bedroom.


SkelEx is a non-powered, light-weight and compact arm support (exoskeleton) that assists in laborious jobs involving repetitive use of arms.


Circular IQ
Circular IQ helps buyers to compare & monitor circularity of products and suppliers retaining value and avoiding waste.


SlashLead. The new digital marketing tool for SME who wants to do more online sales. Send the relevant sales message to the right customer.


The open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy.




Combining theory, (simulated) practice, measurements & feedback with VR/AR/AI into targeted, personalized and profitable journeys.

The soft and cuddly Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up more refreshed.
Crescent Tech
Crescent Tech offers the world’s First Wearable Dual-Camera Headband for Surgeons to Capture and Share their Unique View.

Sound Energy
Controlling Thermo Acoustics in such a way, that it can convert heat into cold. The result is the THEAC-25; a tried & tested machine producing 25kW cooling power.


Indoor positioning hardware for smart homes using artificial intelligence to automatically react to someone’s presence.

SpeakSee is a breakthrough microphone solution that enables the Deaf and hard-of-hearing to easily follow conversations.

Effect.AI builds decentralized solutions that enable and accelerate the discovery and development of AI for all.


With an eye for detail and business knowledge, we create the most beautiful 3D images. That will impress and convince your customers.


Create immersive shopping experiences with Expivi 3D/AR platform. Increase buying confidence and Bring products to life.

A cloud based instruction platform to create, publish and share visual user guides instantly to mobile devices. Improve your customer experience and save on service costs.
Gametimer protects children against prolonged gaming, in an educational manner, and prevents arguments about the agreed gaming times.

We are Th3rd, a 3D scanning company which created an automated 3D product scanner to digitize branded consumer good in high volume for E-commerce.



Smart Workforce Communication powered by Augmented Reality; A SAAS Plug-and-Play solution for highly specialized jobs.


TicTag unique hardware & software combination makes every product/location interactive after a touch with a Smartphone. Easy, secure, personal.


Your personal soccer tracker

High quality, affordable VR streaming for today’s networks and devices.

House of Haptics
House of Haptics is an innovative haptics company that builds real relationships between people through haptic technology, wherever they are.


Travis is the ultimate pocket translator that uses artificial intelligence to translate speech in real-time.



Laevo exoskeletons provides a back support that protects workers and consumers against back overload while bending.



We connect ‘any’ application and device to ‘any’ blockchain. unchain.io was founded to unlock the full potential of blockchain through an easy to use, highly scalable, secure and open integration platform.


Volareo is the world’s first smart speaker that plays video, streams music from blockchain streaming platforms, buys crypto, & more.

UVisio uses technology to make sun protection and skin care the most effective and personal, for each individual, for each skin condition. Our technology includes a wearable device to measure individual UV intake and give timely information when protection is needed. Skin analysis tool in the app helps to get the right amount of sun and sun protection specific to each skin.