Dutch Tech To Watch – APPJECTION: Automated professional legal aid


An all too familiar story: in the mail you find an unwelcome item, a traffic fine. You are sure that it was wrongful, but appealing is a peculiar ordeal at best. Max Heck, Matthijs Lagas and Gerrit Jan van Ahee teamed up to provide an easier alternative: Appjection. Upload a photo of your fine, answer a few questions and they will tell you whether an appeal will hold. Best of all: Appjection will take on the entire process.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Legal Technology, Appjection creates high quality appeals tailored to your specific violation, whether traffic or parking. In less than two minutes. Free of charge. On the other hand, if your fine actually turns out to be deserved (as we all know happens every now and then), they will explain to you why.

Even though some may feel that appealing like this is an easy way to express your annoyance at the government, Appjection will never appeal to a fine when there are no legal grounds, effectively serving as an initial filter. Furthermore, in coordination with the government agencies their appeals are optimized to minimize the time for officials assessing them, which currently takes several hours per appeal.

The intake process is provided through a button that easily integrates into any platform, allowing partners like car leasing-, logistic- and legal insurance-companies to provide this service to their clients and employees. Increasing the reach this way, Appjection can help even more people exercise their rights.

Believing that every individual should fully utilize his or her legal rights, Appjection aims to automate many other low-end legal domains, allowing everyone to enjoy high quality legal assistance in these hitherto non-profitable areas. Also, thanks to strategic partnerships with the likes of LeasePlan and ARAG already in place, Appjection is working on expanding their fine service into other countries. So from now on: sit back, relax and enjoy your right!

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