Dutch Tech To Watch: Psylaris – autonomous virtual reality therapy app

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Ever heard the story of an autonomous virtual reality therapy app, which optimizes your mental health and performance? Christoph Lynen (Left), Yoeri Dassen (Middle), and Mike Verhiel (Right), combine the world of VR and mental therapy with their mind blowing startup Psylaris

Psylaris initial concept focuses on providing autonomous therapy that is personalized and adaptive towards the user. Psylaris unique selling point of using exposure in VR, create opportunities to implement other therapy techniques enabling to treat any negative memory. Previous working in the mental health and VR themselves, these three Dutchies saw the enormous potential to combine mental health and VR, and automate certain therapy techniques in an App. By doing this, Psylaris could bring these techniques to a larger audience, including non-clinical users.

Some time traveling

In five years, Psylaris goal is to create affordable, approachable and instantly available tools accessible to everybody in need of instruments to optimize their mental health and performance. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness for mental treatment regardless of their geographical, economic or social status.

Solutions for treatment include stress relief, anxiety reduction but also things such as sport optimization and treatment of fears. Psylaris, enables this by combining scientific research with the insights from user sessions. Providing a truly optimized personal treatment for every single user and mental issue they might have. Therefore, don’t be surprised if in 5 years Psylaris is one of the worldwide leading mental healthcare software companies. Making it truly Dutch Tech To Watch #DTTW