Jacco van der Kooij helped 100+ Silicon Valley companies design, build and scale their sales operation. His book "Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization" can be found on the desk of many ​S​ilicon ​Valley ​Executives.
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In this seminar he'll share his insights about the transformation of the modern sales professional into a person who educates, not pitches, relays insights, has conversations, and is focused to solve the customers problem. Why do we need them? How to create this? And what actions do you need to take?

During his stay in Europe Jacco will also be kickstarting the 'Silicon Valley Sales Approach' series:
Learn all the fundamentals in Customer Centric Selling, how to prepare and execute in- and outbound emails/calls and setting up a meeting from the Experts in the heart of tech; Silicon Valley. Trusted by 100+ Silicon Valley companies. Now landed in Europe.

About the speaker
Jacco van der Kooij was born in the Netherlands and following a career at Philips left to work for a Silicon Valley based start-up. Following 15 years in the Valley and surviving two bubble bursts, he started Winning By Design, a Silicon Valley based sales design and architecture firm. Jacco has worked with countless sales organizations including Showpad, DoubleDutch, AgileOne, Xpenditure, BrightTalk, Chartboost, Fliptop, Infer, Liftoff, Outreach, Prezi, TapInfluence, Totango, Yesware etc. His book "Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization" can be found on the desk of many silicon valley executives. Today Jacco is also the Sales Architect for Storm Ventures, one of Silicon Valley's leading Venture Capital firms for the SaaS industry where he is responsible to design a proper sales methodology.


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