Dutch startup mission to CES 2017 and Silicon Valley yielded business far exceeding expectations.

The Holland Startup Pavilion at CES to be repeated in 2018.

The 118 Dutch startups that joined the economic mission to the USA (January 3 – 12 2017) are raving about the outcome. The mission to CES and Silicon Valley was led by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Henk Kamp and Startup Envoy, Constantijn van Oranje. The startups represented areas in which The Netherlands play a leading role worldwide: Robotics, Autonomous Driving, 3D Printing, Drones, Wearables, Nano Technology, Consumer Electronics, VR/AR and various Cloud based Enterprise Solutions. The startups reported yielding business far exceeding their expectations.

The Holland Startup Pavilion at CES showcased the Netherlands as a leading and fertile ecosystem for innovation. Techcrunch listed the robot birds of Dutch startup Clear Flight Solutions http://www.clearflightsolutions.com/ as one of the ten ‘coolest’ gadgets at CES.

The smart projector of BeamLabs, was recognized with the CES Innovation Award. The beamer fits in any light socket and turns any flat surface into a big screen, wirelessly controlled by a smart phone or tablet.

Two startups, Ipsum Energy & Keezel, were among a total of 6 cutting edge startups, globally, to pitch to the Board of Directors of Liberty Global http://www.libertyglobal.com . 

TradeCast TV www.tradecast.tv launched Startup Holland TV at CES, an example of their turnkey interactive TV Channels, both linear, live and on demand. Through the exposure during the mission they hooked up with important players in the global media market.

The positive experience for all participants was also due to the support that was experienced from many key players in the tech industry, in preparation for or during the mission such as Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Google, 500Startups, Plug and Play, Bootup, Y Combinator, University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University and AWS. Liberty Global was a great support a the corporate partner of StartupDelta and the exclusive sponsor of the Holland Startup Pavilion.


To be continued next year

Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje is adamant to repeat the formula of this year’s Holland Startup Pavilion next year at CES. “It caters to the need of Dutch start-ups to present themselves internationally”

CES 2018 will take place from January 9 – 12 2018.


Reviews from Dutch start-ups

Jochem Wieringa – Co-Founder AeroVinci (a network of autonomous drones):

“We are well positioned in The Netherlands as a tech-company, but the USA is the most important market. This mission has helped us to get the attention from key players in that market. We have instantly generated concrete leads”


Lucas van Oostrum, DAR (Delft Aerial Robotics) 

“ Our most important investors such as Intel, Google X, Amazon, Airbus Ventures, A3 joined us at the Trade Dinner, hosted by Prince Constantijn. That was priceless. Instead of a ‘pitch’ we had constructive talks.”


Raymond Bergs, BabyWatcher (pregnancy ultra-sound for at home) 

“Our participation in the Holland Startup Pavilion led to about 100 leads in 4 days. CES accelerates!” 


Richard van Barneveld, Utomik (The Netflix for Games) 

“We had a very productive trip. We are already talking to investors we met at CES and we learned a lot from our colleague-entrepreneurs from the delegation. Great to see what Dutch startups manage to achieve. Deep respect for the StartupDelta-team and Prince Constantijn”


Marco Gorter, CEO OPNT (super-GPS without satellite) 

“ We were able to get direct access to companies such as Google and Facebook in Silicon Valley. We were able to present ourselves to investors and customers. This is invaluable. Google recognized the potential of our products”.


Kenneth Stamp – Senior Storyteller Tradecast TV (tailor-made interactive TV)

“For us the main goal was to get in touch with the key players in the American media scene. And we did it! Thanks to this mission we managed to make promising connections even with the decision makers of the largest American broadcasters. We are very grateful to the team that organized the mission, Startup Envoy Prince Constantijn and Minister Kamp”.