We are looking for startups who feel challenged by the following challenge!
Rijkswaterstaat has the task of building and maintaining the bridges, tunnels and roads in the Netherlands, so that the daily traffic can reach the destination safely. Rijkswaterstaat is currently facing a major task: the bridges that were built in the years 50-s and 60-s (and there are dozens of them!) Have to be renovated in the short term. Rijkswaterstaat is renovating and replacing a large number of works until 2030. Through the renovation and replacement, Rijkswaterstaat ensures a smooth and safe flow of traffic.

Renovation is not a matter of closing the road, pouring concrete or steel painting. The bridges form important nodes in a complex environment. The installation of a bridge may not cause major environmental nuisance. In addition, the bridges must be renovated sustainably, preferably as circularly and energy-neutral as possible. There is political pressure, the bridges will have to be tackled at a pace. Finally, there is a lack of available professionals who have been trained for this work, both on the client’s side and with the builders.

There is a big challenge where there is a specific need for:

– Insight into new techniques that are applicable for sustainable renovation or replacement.
– Insight into new processes and forms of organizing and collaborating

Together with you, we look for the solutions in the nature database, which is filled with valuable knowledge for this kind of issues in 3.8 billion years (biomimicry). With the ambition to apply usable and inspiring outcomes in practice.
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