Meet the Dutchies @ SXSW (Austin, 9-18 March 2018)

We are excited to announce 12 Dutch startups that have been selected by StartupAmsterdam and StartupDelta to showcase their products at the New Dutch Wave Booth at the SXSW Trade Show.

SXSW is an annual showcase festival and conference cross pollinating music, culture, film and technology in a fun and relaxed context. Throughout the years, SXSW has proven to be a launching platform for successful internet companies like Twitter, Spotify and Foursquare.

Unique platform for startups

SXSW offers startups a unique platform to present their creative tech solutions to a worldwide audience of investors, innovators and corporates who come together in Austin, TX. Some of the highlights are: a special energy and mobility startup-competition, showcasing opportunities at the SXSW Trade Show. Creative Holland, StartupDelta and many other partners are collaborating to organize inspirational talks, showcases and programming for startups, creatives and accompanying governments and corporates at the New Dutch Wave House in Austin. Selected startups and corporates will be invited to share their best practices in this program and join in the international matchmaking.

Promising Dutch Tech @ SXSW

More Dutch Tech will take center stage at the 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event with three startups, Dashtag, Storro and Fited, as finalists. They are selected out of more than 600 applications all over the world, and will be pitching on Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11. StartupDelta Envoy Constantijn van Oranje is chosen as a jury member for this startup competition.

Selected startups for the New Dutch Wave Booth at SXSW Trade Show

The selected startups are promising examples of Dutch Tech, ranging from the use of blockchain in ticketing and cloud sharing to AI as an HR solution.




For more information, the program and registrations, please visit the StartupDelta SXSW page.

Get an impression of last year’s SXSW Mission: