StartupDelta and New Energy Coalition bring together 100 great thinkers to help with the energy transition

Today, in the Ridderzaal in The Hague, 100 major thinkers from the business community, the government, science and the startup community will discuss the challenge: How can we translate key technologies into impactful innovation?  The aim is to create more momentum and to seize the (economic) opportunities that the energy transition offers us as a country.

Knights of the Future: the Energy Edition is an initiative of StartupDelta and New Energy Coalition (NEC) and is opened by Special Envoy of StartupDelta, Constantijn of Oranje and Maarten Camps, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.  Keynote speakers are Jochen Wermuth (Founding Partner, Wermuth Asset Management GmbH) and Kees Koolen (former CEO and founder Koolen Industries). Participants include Floris Alkemade (government architect), Melanie Schultz van Haegen (former minister and CEO of Porticus) and Willemijn Schneyder (CEO SwipeGuide) and Tim Houter (CEO Hardt Hyperloop).

Special Envoy StartupDelta, Constantijn van Oranje. “The energy transition is undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenges for our global community. Current technology, business models and regulations are no longer sufficient to meet this challenge on time. That’s why it’s so important that this event brings all parties involved together. Only in this way can we break through fixed thinking patterns, develop real impactful innovations and transform the energy transition into an opportunity to demonstrate our Dutch innovative strength at a global level.”


Ten round tables are at the heart of the Knights of the Future: the Energy Edition. The participants discuss issues such as: ‘How can we continue the growth of the use of solar energy in the Netherlands’ and ‘How can we ensure sufficient sustainably generated energy in periods of little wind and little sun? All these issues affect a multitude of parties with different interests, from companies and governments to regulators, knowledge institutions and startups. They can therefore most effectively be solved by new forms of (public-private) cooperation between all these parties, in which the application of technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to a breakthrough.


The Knights of the Future: the Energy Edition belongs to the series of Knights of the Future events organised by StartupDelta and New Energy Coalition. The full programme can be found at: