let’s kickstart sint maarten



On Wednesday 6 September, hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, ripped through Sint Maarten and caused unimaginable damage. Lives were lost and 91% of the buildings suffered damage of which one third is completely destroyed.

The Netherlands Ministry of Defence and humanitarian organisations like the Nether- lands Red Cross are working hard to provide humanitarian assistance. Considering the current needs, full recovery of Sint Maarten will take years.




  • smart energy solutions

  • smart shelter solutions

  • economic security solutions

  • waste solutions

Enrollment has been closed! We are now evaluating all startups that have come forward. If you have a unique product that cannot be missed, please contact Anne-Wil Lucas at Anne-Wil@startupdelta.org


This autumn, once the detailed recovery assessment results are available through the Netherlands Red Cross, we will go through a selection process and aim to work with the most promising startups that can really contribute to the recovery in Sint Maarten.

Selected startups will be introduced to the Netherlands Red Cross and the Ministries of Defence and Internal Affairs and go through a simulation and acceleration process. During this process selected startups will have an opportunity to work with humanitarian actors to develop smart solutions with an aim to deploy most relevant solutions during the recovery in Sint Maarten.

Don’t know any relevant startups, but still want to help?
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StartupDelta is working in this project in cooperation with The Red Cross, the Ministry of Defence, the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, Open House and Impact City.