Startup Officers

Startup Officers Network

Startup Officers Network is a network of commissionairs representing the Dutch governmental departments and municipalities.

They have 3 main goals

  1. Offer an entrance for startups who see opportunities in collaborating with the government.
  2. Deploy the startup mindset in the governmental organisation, in order to grow into an innovative an learning government.
  3. Empowering governments to open up public procurement for startups.

Do you have a product or service that you want to introduce to the Dutch government?
Do you think the Dutch government can be your launching customer?
Are you looking for collaboration with one of the Ministries, the Municipalities, or Provinces?
Is certain legislation obstructing your innovation?

Contact one of the startup officers. They can help you to find the right entrances and they are happy to explore the possibilities for collaboration.

Who are the Startup Officers of the Dutch Government?

More information on Startup Officers and collaboration startups & government

Cooperation between government and startups, it’s possible!

In this document the startup officers have summed up several methods and work arounds which prove that cooperation between startups and the government is possible.

Samenwerking startups en overheid [Dutch]


The public sector could procure the future, if it wants to. Annually hundreds of millions are spent in the Netherlands by the public sector. This publication showcases 8 examples in which the Dutch Government has procured startups solutions for various societal problems.

Innovatie inkopen, het kan! [Dutch]