StartupDelta x Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018: let’s zoom in on… Breakthrough Technology

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Recently, Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network launch the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018. Released at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in Istanbul, GSER 2018 features strategic startup, investment and policy insights from over 10,000 founders in 45 cities – including the StartupDelta ecosystem.

GSER provides a detailed look into different subsectors of startup ecosystems throughout the world.  Coming weeks, we will zoom in on these subsectors and other insights from the report. Who are the startups and key players and initiatives? This time, let’s zoom in on Breakthrough Technologies.



According to the GSER, successful startups will do one of two things:

  1. Tackle specific Third Wave verticals—think Uber for mobility or Airbnb for hospitality.
  2. Rely on Deep Tech—build businesses through technological breakthroughs, e.g. distributed ledgers, AI, or Life Sciences.

The rise of Third Wave and Deep Tech can be clearly seen in the data for sub-sector growth.

Top 4 Growing Sub-Sectors:

  1. Adv. Manufacturing & Robotics (189% 5-year increase in early-stage funding deals)
  2. Agtech & New Food (171% 5-year increase)
  3. Blockchain (163% 5-year increase)
  4. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics (77.5% 5-year increase)

What are breakthrough technologies

Whether you call it deep tech or breakthrough technologies, these emerging technologies are going to change the way we live. Some haven’t reached widespread use, some are already taking over the commercial market, and others just set the tone for innovations that emerge later. Think about game changers such as nanotechnology, A.I. chips, neural networks, and smart cities projects. But also being the first to create a quantum computer or recently the artificial embryos.

What do you think

What are the breakthrough technologies that can really impact our industries and society and can help solve the societal challenges we are facing?

We are looking for the top 10 deep tech of the Netherlands. What’s your opinion on Breakthrough technologies? In which technologies do The Netherlands have an unfair advantage? Fill in the survey!

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Spin-outs | Breakthrough technologies

1. Solynta – Solynta contributes to feeding the world’s growing and often malnutritioned population

2. Lightyear -The electric car that charges itself

3. Kitepower – Airborne Wind Energy

Check out the full list of Spin-outs | Breakthrough Technology startups.

Artificial Intelligence

1. Unless – The smart personalization engine for your website

2. GeoSpark -AI driven location tracking with 90% less battery drain

3. Effect.AI – Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence

Check out the full list of A.I. startups.



1. Effect.AI – Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence

2. – Integrate any application with any blockchain

3. Blockport – Aims to launch a social crypto-exchange based on a hybrid-decentralised architecture

Check out the full list of Blockchain startups.


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Smart cities



Quantum computing



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Next up, we will zoom in on the Health Tech sector in the Netherlands. If you have any suggestions about initiatives, events, and news that we should definitely mention, let us know!


Download the full GESR 2018 report 



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