Travis B.V. Reveals Long-term U.S and Canada Distribution Plans and It’s Exclusive Partnership

Rotterdam startup closes exclusive deal with Japanese largest distributor Sourcenext

Rotterdam, 28 December 2017 – The Rotterdam startup Travis – known for the world’s first personal translators Travis translating 80 most spoken languages using artificial intelligence – announced an exclusive distribution agreement for U.S. and Canada with Japan’s largest distributor and creator of products that inspire joy and move the world.

It is thanks to this exclusive collaboration with Sourcenext that Travis will appear on the U.S. and Canadian market under the name of ‘Pocketalk’. Previously, Sourcenext has partnered successfully with, among others, Bitdefender, Evernote, Fitbit, MAGIX Software GmbH, Rosetta Stone Ltd.

“Travis the Translator translates spoken phrases “live”. Our goal is to improve the way people communicate around the world. In Sourcenext, we found a partner with the critical distribution and sales experience that will realize the full potential of our technology, and help us become an integral part of the world as a community,” said Travis co-founder and CEO Brend Kouwenhoven.

Partner in translation solutions

“We see a tremendous opportunity to help break down language barriers with technology, and that’s manifested in our work with acquiring the Rosetta Stone Japan entity earlier this year and launching iGotcha, the voicemail translation app we introduced last year. […] “Travis” device is impressive from the moment you pick it up — it fully delivers the promise of instant voice translation that was purely science fiction until now. We released it in Japan to a tremendous response, and now we’re looking forward to putting Pocketalk into consumers’ hands and getting more Americans and Canadians travelling, talking and connecting.” said Noriyuki Matsuda, CEO and founder of Sourcenext.

AI instead of an app

Travis the Translator is an independent device, not a mobile app, which the creators consider to be an advantage. “This means that you don’t always have to open your phone in order to look for the right word. Eye contact and non-verbal communication are therefore possible, which is important for understanding each other. In addition, Travis uses an enhanced built-in microphone, which also works in a busy bar.”  said CEO, Brend Kouwenhoven.

Also, for best results, Travis in each language combination chooses the most appropriate translation software: from major translation engines as Google and Microsoft to local ones.

About Travis

Travis introduces a new wave of translation technology through innovations that combine hardware and software. Their solutions focus on connecting cultures, supporting bilingual conversation and enabling opportunities that weren’t previously possible. As a company that prides itself on inter-human connectivity, meaningful partnerships with refugee and aid organisations also contribute to social impact goals. Travis the Translator device was developed after successful crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2017.